i am aware that this puts me squarely into corny backpacker stereotype territory but give me a track with a high syllable to bar ratio over a jazz loop + i am in there like swimwear. i came of age circa 2000 on the east coast so i rly can’t even help myself


predators literally love sex positivity and are the main supporters of it i just cant stress this enough obviously it started out with good intentions but its such an easy thing for evil manipulative people to latch onto and have people think theyre doing things under the guise of sexual freedom

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i love kim as a mom + north as a baby but i just rly wish non-native american ppl would not use native american-inspired things as lifestyle accessories for their babies. this includes moccasins, teepees, warpaint, headdresses, and anything that could be marketed as “navajo,” “aztec,” “native,” or “tribal” print

i know most ppl don’t even think about it or view any criticism of it as ridiculous and/or a personal attack on them but eh it just feels a lil uncomfortable + triggers my side eye reflex even tho some of my fave celeb moms (beyoncé, amber rose, + now kim k) + also some mom friends on here + irl who i otherwise like a lot have partaken in it

it’s interesting how many things there are we can do to prepare our bodies for birth + postpartum wellness + you’re told you should be buying all these products + stuff but rly it’s just like, put ginger in your tea, go swimming, squat every day, put pressure on your perineum, find other women with experience for support, get down on all fours, have something in front of you that you can hold on to with your upper body when you’re rly going thru it

like it’s not rly that simple but i wish pregnancy + childbirth culture here was presented in a less sensationalistic, fervent, pathological, consumerist way

annamannix tell me more i need receipts i am about to start pulling a stool up to the toilet + squatting every time i pee + telling all my patients to do the same

like i have heard squatting + peeing in the shower is a good move for pelvic floor health as well but i can’t get into it


The Soul Children “The Sweeter He Is” (Part 1 & II) (Stax 0050, R&B#7 Pop#52 1969)

*Happy Valentine’s Day*

One of the best examples of the blurring of the line between the spiritual and the sanctified is this 1969 single from the studio combination group at Stax records.

A few years before, a gospel drenched love song would have not made such an impact, but given that top 40 radio had to compete with FM and albums being played on the radio, allowed this song to break into the R&B Top 10.


Unlike the beautiful 6-year old Jonbenett Ramsey who received coverage all over the media - every tabloid, newspaper, news channel, talk show, 7-year old Aiyana Stanley was killed by a police officer during a raid while she was sleep and her murder received very little coverage.
Police, searching for a murder suspect, threw a flash grenade through the window of her family’s apartment around midnight. According to Aiyana’s father, it landed on the couch, setting Aiyana on fire. A police officer’s gun then went off, and shot Aiyana in the neck.
Aiyana was asleep on the living room sofa in her family’s apartment when Detroit police, searching for a homicide suspect, burst in and an officer’s gun went off, fatally striking the girl in the neck, family members said.
Her father, 25-year-old Charles Jones, told The Detroit News he had just gone to bed early Sunday after covering his daughter with her favorite blanket when he heard a flash grenade followed by a gunshot. When he rushed into the living room, he said, police forced him to lie on the ground, with his face in his daughter’s blood.
“I’ll never be the same. That’s my only daughter,” Jones told.
We haven’t forgotten about you baby. R.I.P.